PT老虎机平台 (“Mines”) is an educational institution located in the United States of America (“USA”). In order to provide you with services 和 otherwise fulfill our obligations to you, it is necessary for your personal data to be transferred to, 和处理, 美国. Data protection laws differ among  jurisdiction, 和 USA may not provide the same level of protection for personal data as your jurisdiction of residence. Mines will take appropriate steps to ensure that your personal data is afforded the same level of protection as described in this 隐私声明. 

Mines is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of personal data (defined as any information that can identify a person, 直接或间接, by an identifier) provided to us by our employees, 学生和游客. Mines does maintain reasonable 安全 procedures 和 practices to maintain privacy 和 安全 within the university’s operations.

Mines collects information from individuals or entities when they access the Mines website. Information that is collected from this contact includes the visitor’s IP address, 访问网站的日期和时间, 网页访问, 花在网页上的时间. 除了, Mines may also collect any information it receives from your web browser, 设备, 和操作系统. This information helps Mines underst和 aggregate uses of Mines’ site, 跟踪使用趋势, 改善PT老虎机游戏机服务. It is Mines’ policy to collect the least amount of personal data necessary to fulfill the university’s mission, 提供其服务, 并履行法律义务. This policy applies to the collection of all personal data, 饼干, 日志, 和设备数据, 无论源或介质. 

Mines makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the personal data retained about individuals is accurate. 每一个教员, staff member 和 student has the ability to check 和 update certain personal data such as his or her address, 电话号码, 等. online within 小道的起点 (Self Service > Personal Information).  

For Mines students, questions 和 requests can be directed to the Registrar’s Office at registrar@PT老虎机游戏机.edu. For Mines employees, questions 和 requests can be directed in person to the 人力资源办公室

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安全 您的个人资料对我公司非常重要. We have adopted generally accepted industry st和ards in connection with our data collection, 存储, 和 processing practices 和 安全 measures to protect against unauthorized access, 变更, 信息披露, 或者破坏你的个人数据, 和 other data stored on Mines’ websites 和 servers. 没有在互联网上传输的方法, 或者电子存储的方法, 是100%的安全, 然而. 因此, while we strive to use commonly acceptable means to protect your personal data, 地雷不能保证其绝对安全. 

PT老虎机游戏机不直接向, 和 does not knowingly collect or solicit personal data directly from children under the age of 13. Some Mines’ webpages present information about activities that are specifically designed for children. 然而, these webpages are intended to be used only by adults to voluntarily share information online, so that a child who is under the age of 13 can participate in these activities (e.g., 夏令营, 类, programs) or so that the adult 和/or child can receive information mailed or emailed from Mines (newsletters, 课程表, 招聘信息). When a parent or 法律 guardian voluntarily signs their child up for one of these programs, the parent or 法律 guardian may be asked to provide:

  • 孩子的全名
  • 家庭通讯地址
  • 电话号码
  • 出生日期
  • 学校,目前年级水平
  • 电子邮件地址
  • Parent or 法律 guardian’s name 和 email address

的 parent or 法律 guardian supplying the child’s information will be asked to acknowledge that they are, 事实上, the parent or guardian who is 法律ly authorized to disclose this information about the child. Any information provided by a parent or 法律 guardian about their child will not be transferred, disclosed or shared with a third party 和 will not be used for other purposes.


  • To review personal data that has been recorded by a Mines website about their child,
  • To refuse to allow further collection of information about their child,
  • To be given the choice of consenting to the collection 和 internal use of their child’s personal data, 和
  • To require the deletion of any of their child’s personal data that has been recorded. 

见《PT老虎机游戏机未成年人保护政策》 在这里.

We do not rent or sell your personal data to third parties, but Mines may disclose your personal data to third parties only in the following ways:

  • With respect to data that constitutes student “education records,” all 信息披露s are made in accordance with the Family Educational Rights 和 隐私 Act of 1974 (“FERPA”) 和 PT老虎机游戏机FERPA政策;
  • To the CSM校友基金会 和 PT老虎机平台基金会, who are separate non-profit entities that exist solely for Mines 和 may have different privacy practices;
  • To our third party service providers 和 vendors in order to provide products 和 services on Mines’ behalf. We ask our service providers 和 vendors to limit their use of personal data, 和 generally require that they protect your personal data under written agreements;
  • 根据适用法律的要求或允许, if we believe that such 信息披露 is (a) reasonably necessary to comply with 法律 process 和 law enforcement instructions 和 orders, 比如搜查令, 传票, 法令, 司法程序, valid requests for university records under the Colorado Open Records Act; 和 or other 法律 process served on us, (b)有助于预防, 调查, or identify possible wrongdoing in connection with our Services, (c)有助于保护PT老虎机平台的权利, 声誉, 财产, 或者PT老虎机平台的学生, 游客, 用户, 企业分支机构, 或公众, (d)在紧急情况下, to protect Mines 和 safety of our students, 教师, 员工或任何第三方, or (e) to enforce compliance with our agreements 和 policies with you; 和
  • 由贵方另行授权.

Mines may obtain certain personal data about you from third party sources, which may be used for the purposes 和 in the ways for which it was collected. In some cases, we may obtain your consent for additional uses. 

服务提供商:PT老虎机平台使用服务提供商, such as application facilitators (for example, the Common Application 和 College Board) 和 payment processors 和 analytics providers, 代表PT老虎机平台提供服务. Some of these service providers have access to personal data about you that we may not otherwise have (for example, when you sign up directly with that provider) 和 may share some or all these data with us. 

单点登录: Some of our online services or research activities may allow you to register 和 日志in to those services through a third-party platform. When you 日志in to our service through a third-party platform, you allow us to access 和 collect any personal data from your third-party platform account permitted under the settings 和 privacy statement of that platform. 

补充个人资料: We may receive additional personal data from third-party sources, such as public or private databases (for example, 电子邮件或邮递地址的汇编), or companies or institutions that may sponsor or facilitate your participation in one of our programs, which we may also append to existing personal data. 

Mines may obtain other non-personal usage information directly through its webpages or from third party services, 比如谷歌Analytics. This information may include number of 游客 to Mines’ website, IP address, technical information about your 设备 or operating system, browser information, time spent on a particular page, 等. 

Mines relies on third party websites 和 applications to deliver some of its services. You may be subject to the terms of those third parties, 和 those terms may differ than those found in PT老虎机游戏机的隐私声明. It is your responsibility to review any third party privacy statements 和 contact the applicable third party if you have questions or requests specific to their privacy statement. 

We will retain your personal data for so long as is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, 或法律另有规定或允许的. 的 erasure of your information shall be subject to the retention periods of applicable federal 和 state laws 和 regulations. 某些信息, including but not limited to official transcript information, 入学及毕业记录, 学生资助记录, 和 student discipline records will be permanently retained by Mines. 

We use 饼干s in connection with your use of the Mines’ website. A 饼干 is a small data file that is placed 在你的设备 when you visit a website. 饼干 are widely used in order to make websites work or to work more efficiently, 以及提供报告信息. A 饼干 may have unique identifiers 和 reside, 在其他地方, 在你的设备, 在PT老虎机平台发给你的邮件中, 在PT老虎机平台的网站上. It is against Mines policy to share this information with external third parties 和 饼干s created by Mines web pages cannot be read by a third party. 

饼干 may be set by parties other than Mines. 的se third-party 饼干s may originate from other websites for which map.www.utopiagolfproducts.com 是否实现了插件. You are responsible for determining the 饼干 policy of any of these third- parties by visiting the privacy policy pages of these sites directly.

大多数浏览器允许您控制饼干, including whether or not to accept them 和 how to remove them. You may set most browsers to notify you if you receive a 饼干, or you may choose to block 饼干s with your browser. If you do choose to block 饼干s with your browser, 一些网站, 包括PT老虎机游戏机, 可能不再适合你了. For details on how to prevent your browser from accepting 饼干s, 或如何禁用饼干, 按照浏览器的说明操作.

Mines may update this 隐私声明 at any time. 当PT老虎机平台做, we will revise the date at the bottom of this page 和 we will notify you 在这里, by means of a notice on the Site prior to the change becoming effective. We encourage you to check this page frequently for any changes. You acknowledge 和 agree that it is your responsibility to review this 隐私声明 periodically.

T在这里 are various mechanisms for contacting us with comments, questions, or concerns. PT老虎机平台.



的 information provided on this website is for informational purposes only 和 does not constitute nor is intended to constitute an offer, 诱因, 承诺, 任何形式的合同, nor should the information provided be construed as giving business, 法律, 或其他建议, or as warranting the 安全 of any information received, 传播, 或由矿坑储存. Further, the privacy information within this website is specific to the PT老虎机平台. 的 CSM校友基金会 和 PT老虎机平台基金会 are separate non-profit entities 和 may have different privacy practices. 鼓励您咨询 CSM校友基金会PT老虎机平台基金会 有关他们各自的私隐措施.