We believe living on campus fosters student learning, development, and personal growth. We show dedication to our students by creating experiences and physical spaces that recognize the unique challenges and opportunities of being an Oredigger at Colorado School of Mines. We are committed to providing intentional learning by facilitating a safe, inclusive, and academically focused environment. We challenge and encourage students to be critical thinkers and civically-engaged leaders in a diverse global community.

Upcoming Dates:

Finals Week
December 10-15, 2021

Residence Halls Close for Winter Break
Friday, December 17, 2021 at 12:00PM

Residence Halls Reopen for Spring Semester
Sunday, January 9, 2022
10:00AM new students
12:00PM returning students

Important Announcements
Winter Break

Q: Do I have to leave for Winter Break?
A: All Residence Halls (excluding Mines Park and 1750 Jackson St.) will close over Winter Break. Students living in these communities are not permitted to stay in their rooms during Winter Break. All students living in the Residence Halls are expected to be out of their room 24 hours following their last final exam OR by 12:00PM on Friday, December 17.Mines Park and 1750 Jackson St. will not close over Winter Break. Students in these communities will be allowed to remain in the halls the entire break and will never lose access to their building. 

Q: Do I have to move my belongings out for Winter Break?
A: Students will remain in the same room following winter break and are allowed to leave all belongings in their room. In extenuating circumstances, there may be some room/ roommate changes. For the Residence Halls, Blaster cards will stop working by Friday, December 17. Students will NOT be allowed back into the halls until Spring semester, so please ensure you are taking all items that you will need over the break.

Q: When can I come back after Winter Break?
A: The Residence Halls will reopen for Spring semester on Sunday, January 9, 2022 at 10:00AM for new students moving in and at 12:00PM for students returning from Winter Break.

not returning in Spring?

Q: What happens if I am studying abroad for the Spring?
A: If you are studying abroad, please email We will cancel your housing contract without penalty. You will need to follow the move-out procedures (provided by the Residence Life Coordinator for your community) and check out of your room prior to Friday, December 17th.

Q: What happens if I am withdrawing from Mines?
A: If you are not returning in the Spring to continue taking classes, please ensure you are following the proper procedure to formally withdraw from the University. Once you have withdrawn from the University, you will have 72 hours to move out of your room. We will cancel your housing contract without penalty.

Q: What happens if I don’t want to live on campus anymore?
A: If you are planning on moving off campus, please email about cancelling your contract. You will be required to pay a 60% penalty for breaking the contract.

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